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acier trade bot

acier trade bot is a fully automated trading bot for roblox, rich in many unique features. earn passive income 24/7!

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Why you should choose our bot?


1. Efficient
Acier trade bot can be ran 24/7 on windowsmac, or linux without any maintenance needed, leaving you with an efficient source of passive income.  

2. Profitable
You can make loads of profit no matter how much value you start with using acier trade bot. In just 4 months of acier trade bot being sold to the public, our buyers have made a combined profit of over 5 million robux

3. Safe
Acier trade bot handles your information seriously. We never store any roblox login information and our database is 100% secure. When running acier trade bot, you have a near-0% ban risk.

4. Customizable
Unlike many other bots, acier trade bot is easy to use and extremely user friendly. The config has 100+ unique customizable features to maximize your profit. 


The most profitable, fastest, roblox trading bot

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Unique features

Smart Trading

Sends profitable agorithimically generated trades to a wide range of users. Trades are sent specifically to trick the receiver into accepting a profit in your win.

Advanced Scraping

Sends trades to users inside of specific games, rolimons trade ads, uaid changes, item owners, ropro trade ads, and rbxflip chatters, finding less experienced traders to profit from.


A wide range of configurable features for you to customize how the bot trades.


Values items at what they're actually worth through sales data, eliminating the possibility of getting projected items and ensuring only good trades are sent

Users on roblox are able to trade items that are worth robux. Acier trade bot automates this feature by sending trades to people in roblox games, rolimons trade ads, ropro trade ads, rbxflip winners, owners, and methods.

Acier trade bot is expected to send around 8000-10000 trades a day with the right configuration. In order to use acier trade bot properly, you will need a windows server to host your bot on, and proxies to send more trades. 

You will also need a roblox account with an ongoing premium subscription and a few limiteds. By purchasing acier trade bot, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy.

How to purchase?

How to purchase trade bot?

you can purchase a whitelist by purchasing a key from our sellix and registering with your key onsite or by making a ticket in our discord server below to purchase with other payment methods such as paypal or limited items.

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